Green Leaf Inn Community Solar Garden

The Green Leaf Inn Community Solar Garden will be hosted on the property of the Green Leaf Inn in Delavan, WI. The solar array will be approximately 30 kW in size, which will be large enough to provide for a significant portion of Green Leaf Inn’s electricity needs during the year. This project follows in the vision of the Green Leaf Inn, to promote environmental sustainability and renewable energy, both causes championed by the Inn’s owners. The Green Leaf Inn will have 5 luxury suites with two person hot tubs and 7 different energy systems for demonstration.

It is expected that the Green Leaf Inn Community Solar Garden will be built and operational during the summer of 2016. Space is limited, but by completing the participant application, you will secure a priority position, with no obligation. This garden is available nationwide- the only requirement is you must have an electric bill.

Green Leaf Inn Community Solar Garden

Host Green Leaf Inn
Address 5072 Hwy 50, Delavan WI 53147
Total kW 30
Total kWh 40,492
Initial Term 25 Years
Status Under Construction

Environmental Equivalency Comparison

Here you can see how your solar contribution translates into tangible carbon equivalency factors you can understand.

Purchase Carbon Offset
(Project Life)
Carbon Offset
(1 Year)
Acres of Forest
(1 Year)
Home Electric Use
(1 Year)
30kW 607 tons 24.2 tons 13 acres 1.96 homes
1kW 20 tons .806 tons .433 acres .065 homes
3kW 61 tons 2.42 tons 1.3 acres .196 homes
5kW 101 tons 4.03 tons 2.16 acres .326

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