Laketown Community Solar Garden

The Laketown Community Solar Garden was commissioned in December, 2015 and allows all individuals and small businesses to participate in solar, regardless of their access to a suitable roof.  Participants simply purchase the production rights of centrally located solar panels and receive bill credits on their electric bill each month for the next 15 years.  Complete the accompanying contact form to register your interest in joining the Laketown Community Solar Garden!

The Laketown Community Solar Garden is hosted on the property of the Felt Estate in Laketown Township, Michigan. The solar array is 100 kW in size, which is large enough to provide for all of Felt Mansion’s electricity needs during the year. This project follows in the vision of Felt Mansion to promote environmental sustainability and renewable energy, both causes championed by the mansion’s builder Dorr Felt.


Felt Mansion home of Laketown's Community Virtual Solar Garden

Host Felt Mansion
Address 6597 138th Ave., Laketown Township MI 49423
Total kW 100
Total kWh 128,716
Initial Term 15 Years
Status Completed, Open Enrollment

Environmental Equivalency Comparison

Here you can see how your solar contribution translates into tangible carbon equivalency factors you can understand.

Purchase Carbon Offset
(Project Life)
Carbon Offset
(1 Year)
Acres of Forest
(1 Year)
Home Electric Use
(1 Year)
100 kW 1,930 tons 88.8 tons 72.8 acres 12.2 homes
1kW 19.27 tons .833 tons .723 acres .121 homes
3kW 58 tons 2.6 tons 2.2 acres .364 homes
5kW 96 tons 4.4 tonts 3.6 acres .607 homes